Dear MU students,

Thank you, Mizzou! Recently we’ve seen many examples of students speaking up for the importance of mental health access at Mizzou and we appreciate your expression of genuine care for one another. The staff at the MU Counseling Center want to express our gratitude for your financial support through Enhance Mizzou. The passing of the Student Services Enhancement Fee will allow us to hire three additional full-time mental health professionals and one support staff member, enhance our outreach efforts, and maintain excellent care through ongoing professional development and continuing education. The additional 75 hours per week of direct clinical service will help us maintain access to crisis, clinical and outreach services.

There is often confusion about the different services on campus. The MU Counseling Center and Student Health Center are entirely different entities. Changes to service and billing at Student Health do not affect the services offered by the Counseling Center. We will continue to provide top-notch mental health service to our campus community.

Your fees help make it possible for us to continue to offer mental health services that are uniquely tailored to each individual student’s needs. We will be able to grow our groups program, offering the best treatment available to students experiencing a wide range of concerns. We will continue to provide 24-hour crisis support to the MU community and offer consultation to anyone concerned about an MU student. Additionally, the Counseling Center will continue to provide outreach, training, and emotional support for our larger campus community.

Our staff feel privileged to serve you. We appreciate your trust in us and we strive to consistently meet the high standards for care you expect and deserve.  Our staff are committed to continuing to work hard to maintain access to services, to minimize wait times, and to continue to offer best practice treatment options.

The MU Counseling Center, a proud member of the Division of Student Affairs, is located in Parker Hall on Sixth Street between Peace Park and Laferre Hall. You can reach us at 573-882-6601, on the web at  or on Facebook. We look forward to serving you.


MU Counseling Center Staff